3 Best Wardrobes To Buy Online in India [2020]

People often care less about the wardrobes and almirahs in which they put all their stuff and prioritize the material more. However, to be very frank, the wardrobe is equally important and must be selected carefully. 

Because apart from clothing, you will also place your valuables like jewellery, money, and other essential documents in the wardrobe.

That’s what makes it a super important entity of your house and you must make sure that you choose the best wardrobe that suits your requirements. 

3 Best Wardrobes To Buy Online in India [2020]

Here is a list of 3 best wardrobes that you can purchase online in India – 

1. Nilkamal Freedom Plastic Storage Cabinet 


Nilkamal Freedom Cabinet is one of the best almirah online presents for a single user. 

This cabinet comes along with one drawer. It is available in weather brown and biscuit colour combination to accompany all types of furniture in the best possible way. 

It needs almost zero maintenance and can be easily cleaned even with a dry piece of clothing. 

It can bear a average to 200kg. Each shelf has the power to take 15KG. 

This wooden almirah comes with two configurations for drawers. Either you can – 

  1. Fix the drawer in the middle
  2. Fix the drawer in the bottom 


  1. It is easy to clean, sturdy, and can carry enough weight without any damage or instability. 
  2. It is light in weight and can be shifted easily from one place to another. 
  3. It is friendly for the usage by kids. 
  4. The additional drawer at the bottom allows you to keep the small items or shoes in the almirah. 


  1. Good in dimensions to justify the requirement of a single person
  2. The dimensions of the product are 59.5 x 35.4 x 145
  3. This wooden cupboard requires approximately zero or minimum maintenanc
  4. Multipurpose
  5. Cost-effective


  1. It is made up of plastic which may not be preferred for long-run
  2. It’s very delicate 
  3. Low-quality plastic 
  4. Hard to re-adjust it once it is fixed
  5. Can’t withstand for a long time.
  6. Need a carpenter or assistance from one while assembling as no proper manual is present 


2. Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe (Walnut Rigato)


Spacewood Optima is a two-door wooden almirah online made up of particle wood that is of medium quality and density.

The material used is of decent quality. The only thing that bothers a user is alignment as it’s tough to fit all the pieces of the wardrobe. 

There is also a slight prospect that you may need to call an expert carpenter to cut down the pieces in order to align and fit the pieces.

One of the promising things about this wardrobe buy online India is that the user gets a warranty for an extended three year time period. 


  1. Spacewood Optima is constructed using Engineered Wood
  2. Its colour is Walnut Rigato
  3. One of the best features of this cabinet is it is scratch Proof 
  4. It’s very narrow when it comes to depth
  5. It’s effortless to transport is you move very often from one place to another 
  6. It can be considered an ideal buy wardrobe online India for kids room 


  • Build with a very high-quality board, hence provide the durability and strength a wardrobe must possess
  • Its very lightweight, so it’s easy to move anywhere in the room or across the rooms
  • It is scratch-proof
  • It is fungus Proof
  • It is termites Proof
  • It is 100% water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about anything
  • It comes with a long three years of manufacturer’s warranty


  • It lacks a mirror which is a must-have entity of the best wardrobe
  • No free installation is provided so either you have to install it yourself or have to call a professional carpenter 
  • It’s tough to align when doing it yourself


3. Deckup Cove 2-Door Wardrobe With Mirror (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)


Deck up Cove is a two-door wooden cupboard with a mirror, as its name suggests. It is manufactured from a low-density fireboard. 

In terms of space, it’s quite capacious and can store a lot of stuff inside it. 

Apart from the hanging mechanism, it also has a locking mechanism and wide compartments.  

It won’t be wrong if we will say that the wardrobe is an ideal choice if you are a single person and looking for a temporary solution for your house. 

The only thing you should be careful about is that it’s back is a very thin laminate and must be handled with care. 

The mirror in the buy cupboard online also acts as a temporary dressing table. 

The assembling process of the cabinet is very easy to understand, and any average user can easily install it himself. 


Deck up Cove is 71 inches high, 24 inches long, and 17 inches deep in size and available in – 

  1. Colour – Dark Wenge
  2. Finish – Matte
  3. Style – Contemporary

It’s light-weighted and designed with a DIY structure. 


  • Light-weighted
  • Easily movable
  • Small and compact in size, enough to fit anywhere
  • Matte finish and Dark Wenge colour
  • Attached Mirror


  • Quality of the material used is of low-quality and can’t withstand for a long time
  • The DIY process is not easy, and you might need to consult a carpenter



Above mentioned is our list for the best wardrobes in India. Your selection may vary on the basis of quality, durability, looks, installation, price and other features you are looking for. 

The quality of the cupboard varies across different manufacturers. So make sure you check the user ratings and read all the reviews of the product to make sure that you are picking up the correct wardrobe.

If there are no issues with the prices, wooden wardrobes are sure to buy wardrobe online India options as they have higher durability and lifespan when compared to the almirahs built with IDF and MDF materials. 

Also, make sure you are purchasing a water-resistant product, scratch-proof (if you have kids at home), termite-proof, and fungus proof as moths are popular to eat wooden wardrobes. 

So, if you are going to buy cupboard online, create a proper feature list that matches all your requirements, and then choose the best available option. 

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